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EP. 11 Tamika Gibson


On this week's episode we chat with Tamika Gibson aka The Hair Diagram about being a highly sought-after wig instructor in the beauty industry and why transitioning from stylist to educator isn't as easy as you might think. Tamika her Bold Hold Products for lace wigs and the importance of using the full line to maintain your tresses.

Hi, this is the cut life podcast and this is your host to hear a joy. We are back with another episode and of course I have my producer, my hommide, my friend Big Med producer, in here. He's always screaming in the background, and today this when I heard this woman's nickname, I was highly intrigued and had to get her on the show. Miss to Mika Gibson, Aka the hair diagram. How are you? I'm great. Thank you for having me. No, thank you so much for joining us. And where are you based? To Meca, we are in Huntsville, Alabama. Oh so you're pretty close to Atlanta, not too far from where we are. Yes, yes, gray and so I was looking at your bio and I saw that you have been a professional stylist for over twenty years and you are known for the forty five minutes sewing, where you actually use a technique creating a full lace wig on a sewing machine. So you have to tell me about not just that, but does your journey getting into the business to start? Yes, so I have always loved doing here and I grew up in a family of hair style is. My aunt was actually a hairstyles so that's where I got a lot of my inspiration from and I wasn't really sure if I wanted to get into here, not like some people, you know, but then I joined the military because I still wasn't sure. I joined the military. I did eight years and I completed my cospitology certificate while I was in the service. Oh Wow, thank you for your service. That's awesome. Thank you. Yeah, so I did that and then I from the military, I transition into becoming a hairstyles and then I started teaching for Massoni. I know, everybody knows Lareel Masoni. I taught...

...with them for eight years and from there I started teaching on my own and then I started coming up with so many different techniques. We would record them, we will put them on DVD's and seldom. This is all before instagram and, you know, everything kind of like with social media kind of popped off and from that point when everything went real like into you know, technology started taking over, I started teaching on my own and that's where we came up with one of those techniques that I do teaches the forty five minute showing, where I teach people how to take bundles and closures and frontels and create weak from scratch. That is awesome. I love that. And tell me, how did you get that name, the hair diagram? Well, actually, I have to give credit with credits do my husband been came up with that? We were trying to yeah, we were trying to come up with a name and I think for me, as well as some other hair style is sometimes, when you are new hairstyleist, sometimes you really don't have that that that map. You know that you need to kind of weave your way through this career and what I've decided to do. When I was explaining that to my husband, he said, well, what do you think about the hair diagram? You know, you pretty much you're mapping out a plan from A to Z to give people what they need to you know, show them where to go. And so, you know what, that's a good idea. Is a way, a catchy name. I love it too. When I heard it, I was just so intrigued by it and it does make perfect sense, because you are an educator, and I would love for you to even expand on that a little bit more, because you said some key things about having experience and marketing yourself as a stylist and marketing your techniques and classes before social media became a thing. So how do you think that prior experience helps in addition to now using social media platforms to market Your Business? Actually, it's a whole lot easier now because if twenty years ago, I...

...mean, we were on foot handing out card and things like that, and it's just so much easier now because you can touch so many people with social media and it's just being consistent. A lot of people don't realize when you're posting or doing different things, you have to be creative in the pictures. They have to be, you know, desirable looking. So it's pretty much the same, but you got to grab more people right social media. Yeah, good lighting, good angles, we tell people all the time, and I have to talk talk to my students about that. You don't hope? So with so many different things on our platform, it's a mentorian platform, and it's is all digital now, because we used to put on DVD's and now I have information readily available for them on our website where I can teach them all of those different things about marketing, all those different things about hairstyling techniques and making wigs and coloring and it just has. We just offer so much. I think that is so awesome that you've mastered the education piece of it, because a lot of times, you know, stylus are behind the chair for so long but not necessarily always thinking about how taxing it can be on your body over time. You know, all that standing and using your hands. But the fact that you're now able to educate and sell those types of marketing services and educational services, I think is really smart and it makes a lot of sense because there are stylists that do tap into it, but there are so many that don't or don't find other avenues to expand on their brand. So I think that's really cool that you have, you know, created that platform for your cells right. and teaching is not for everybody. You know, and I was speaking to someone the other day, you know, we don't all aspire to be, you know, teachers, because that's a very big responsibility. You know, you can know how to do something, but that does not mean that you can translate it. So it's a...

...big that's a big responsibility being a teacher. But what I do is I do bring my student like past students, I bring them with me when I am teaching so that I can teach them how to teach, because I can't teach forever. Well, in addition to teaching, you also have your the creator of the bold hole lace products. So tell me about your product line. Okay, so what we have our heesives and tapes for lace products, because right now lace wigs and lace frontels, it's a very big trend right now. It's been around forever, just like training. It comes and go, but right now is at a like an all time high. Everybody wants on. But what we decided to do is try to make products that were safe, because twenty thirty years ago we were using a curly glues and different things that were unsafe and a lot of people remember that and they think about hair loss, you know, from wearing those different type of products. So we made something that was shape safe. Our A he's of which is the bow whole extreme cream. It's water soluble, so it's very safe. But we also have a tape that we show people how to you we also even help customers with a facetime assistance. We help customers and we teach hairstyles how to properly use it. So these products, they could be found on our website at www dotair diagramcom. We even have free videos on how to use the product. We tell you the ends, the doe, the Donoph and everything about the product is super safe. I think that is so important to stress that, the safety of the products, because I'm sure we've all heard the horror stories of people, you know, getting improper we've installations or lace fronts and what have you, and they're losing edges, having like, you know, baldness throughout their hair because they don't necessarily know how to protect their hair and so they're interested in a trend but don't really know, you know,... to protect their hair and how to properly wear it, or the stylist that they're going to might not know how to properly install ors tell them how to, you know, take care of it. So I think that's important because we have this discussion all the time on the podcast about, you know, hair loss and it's like a major thing because, you know, especially as black women, we want the convenience of being able to switch our hairs, which our look, but we also want to make sure that our hair is protected as well. Exactly, and a lot of people don't realize when you are with our our full line is so important to get the full line and we try to stress that because a lot of people don't realize when you're wearing a he's or when you're wearing tape, your body is extremely excreting bacteria when you sweat. So it'ssist them. So if you don't have the whole line, you may you may be missing a very important part on protecting your skin with our skin, protecting things like that. So I do try to make sure that what I'm speaking to people and teaching them, I'm letting them know that they have to do every step in our system exactly. And I'm like, look, if we spend money on so many things, why not invest in something that is going to be with you for the rest of your life, which is your hair, you know, like hier skincare, those types of things. I think sometimes they get neglected or we try to find maybe the cheaper, easy way out, but then we end up doing long term damage and we have to live with this forever and it's like I would rather be able to wear a wig because I choose to and not because I have to. You know right exactly. It's an accessary. Yes, I love that. And so you have accessorized some amazing women. You worked with TV ones, RB DIVA's, Faith Evans, kiky Wyatt and Mila Williams. I love me like she spoke on a panel with her before and she was really sweet. See, yeah, yeah, and Savannah James, wife... Lebron James as well, and then little Mama, who, I guess it's not going by little Mama anymore right. Let Tiatia, yes, Natia, and she's just evolved and grown. So tell me a bit about how you got into the celebrity space. Okay, so when it came to celebrities, a lot of them found me on social media and I think I had a couple of them that told me that they even, like, watched my page for a while before they even reached out, and that's why I do try to tell a lot of the young people who are on instagram you know, you got to watch what you're posting, watch what you're doing, because if you plan on working with high profile celebrities, they want somebody that they can trust and who knows how to carry themselves. Absolutely that's important, and the hair stylist is like a therapist. So you know, you are there, there in your most intimate moment sometimes, and you feel comfortable to share things with them and especially if you're dealing with, you know, high profile people, you have to be trustworthy and somebody that they feel comfortable with so that they continue, you know, working with you. That's very important. That's right. So you have all of this going on with, you know, your brand and your product line, bold hold lace products. Will Continue to plug that. And then you're working with celebrity clients. But you're also a mom and a wife, and so how do you balance your busy schedule with your family life? It's really hard. I've been married for twenty two years. Oh, congratulations, that's a long time, and this day it is and I have a twenty one year old, I have a thirteen year old and it's very hard and it can be very vain on me. But what I've done is just pray, pray, pray. Me and my husband we prayed about it and we've gotten to a point now where, you know, everything is working out, but it took me twenty years. So what I do is I try to talk to young style is about balance and things... that, because not because I did it right, the first time because I did it wrong, so that I can try to encourage them about what's most important and when you're mentally, you know, together with your family and everything like that, you can go to work and do a good job. You know, that takes away a lot of the stress. So I do try to talk to them about that, because that has not been an easy role for me at all. I think that's very key. I actually had a conversation on the podcast before with Ursula Stephens, celebrity hair stylist, for those who are not familiar, to work with Rihanna and and many others as well, but she was she basically said there really is no balance. She said you just kind of have to take it one day at a time and just make sure that you're, you know, making room for the personal things in your life as well as business. But it can be hard, you know, as an entrepreneur, because you have different opportunities coming to you and it's your livelihood, but then you also have, you know, your personal life as well and sometimes you have to say no. Yeah, it hurts, and or either before or what I do tell a lot of my students when you have opportunities, you know, acts wherever the opportunity is coming from. You know, let me think about it, let me get back to you, so you can go and pray about it, you know, so that when you do tell them, know, you know, maybe they will come back or whatever it was. You know, it was either men or not. You know, absolutely. And just to kind of go back to, you know, your core as an educator, what some advice that you would give to stylists who have an interest in tapping into the education space but they're just not sure where to star or, you know, where their strengths like? Because, you know, I'm kind of a firm believer that, you know, you have to master something, and sometimes you have stylists that say, Oh, I can do x, Y Z, but then it's... no, you're really great at color or you're really great at we've or really great at cutting, and some can be great at all. But I think that, you know, sometimes you have to figure out where to start, especially when you're going to that space. So what advice would you if to stilace who, like you know what, I want to step out into education, but I'm just not sure where to begin. So a lot of people think that, just like I was saying earlier. A lot of people think that just because they know how to do something that they can teach it, and that is not always true. So what I suggest is that they reach out to there are so many big hair companies. Like myself. I work with Loril, but there are plenty of hair companies and they have structure and they will show you how to teach, because it's much more to given the information. You know, if you even think back to help elementary in high school, you should be a be able to think of maybe one or two teachers that you can really really remember that they could really teach it and you could really get it, and that's because they were passionate about it. So it takes passion and it takes you having that background in teaching. So I would suggest that they would go and get the education on teaching before they start to teach. I love that. I think that's most important and you know, it's never too late to learn something new and to really study your crafts. So I think that is excellent advice. Well, miss to make a gifts, I've loved speaking with you. I think what you're doing is so innovative and I wish you much success. And hopefully we'll have you back on as you continue to take over, and I would love to they that would be awesome. And and everyone that's listening, you can follow to make a Gibson on instagram at the hair diagram and it's spelled normally, the hair dia gram. And then your youtube page is bold hold lace products. Yes, and also following our bowhole page is a Bohole lace week tape, bold,... old lacewig tape. Perfect. Our website, guys, is www dot their diagramcom. Perfect. So yes, definitely visit the website, the hair diagramcom, to get all of this information and remember, when you go into the shopping cart, get all of the products that go with it. Don't skip steps. You know, do yourself a service and get everything that's included. Again, thank you. With such a pleasure speaking with you today and I look forward to hearing more about what you got going on. Thank you right. Take care. Youtube. Thank you all for tuning into the CUTLIFE podcast. If you have missed any episodes, you can actually go to our website at live the cut lifecom and you can also search the cut life podcast on soundcloud and itunes. We need you to click play. We need you to download, subscribe, all that good stuff, to continue to support the podcast and just follow us on the cut life and Big Med. You can follow him, be Ig med, on instagram as well, and we'll talk to you next time.

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