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Ep. 18 Wade The Barber


On this week's episode we speak with Wade Menendez aka Wade The Barber who's helped to popularize the "man weave" trend. He gives us all of the tips on the different types of installations, cost, maintenance, dos & don'ts and more! Wade was also featured in Black Enterprise as a leader in the industry.

Hey stunners, and welcome to another amazing episode of the cut life Podcast, and today I am talking to a barber that I stalk on instagram. I feel like I talk everyone on instagram because that's just, you know, the nature of the game. Wade, Menandez, Aka Wade the barber, for those who are hip to the game, how are you doing? Way Hey, what's going on on? Everything is good, everything is amazing and you're in Belize, so you're really doing well right now. Yeah, yeah, I'm one of much maybe vacation and I've been rolling the past few months pretty much non stop, so had to take a little pause and kind of just chill out a little bit. I understand. I mean you have to have that work life balance so you can be refreshed and get right back to it. Most definitely, and I'm sure this summer is going to be a busy one for you. Yeah, yeah, I will. It will be really looking forward to. Most definitely great. So I've been seeing you everywhere, I believe in Forbes, and you have a book and you have all kinds of amazing things that you do with brands and celebrities and all of that. But before we get there, how tell me about the beginning of Wade the barber, like how you even got into the industry, a bit about your journey and well, I think Barbara and kind of ran into the family. I can remember, you know, being five years old, my dad shaving us up sometimes. You know, my uncle was a barber, my grandfather could cut. My great grandfather was one of the first black had one of the first black barbershops in Westmont Beach Florida. So, you know, it kind of run in a family. But, you know, I've been cutting my hair since I was twelve and I you know, I tried retail, I tried, you know, I was a paper boy. I worked with my father. He had his own paint and make this company as well, you know. So I did I did a lot of different things, but it was until after I got fired from I got fired from Jac Kenny's and and also, you know, I dropped out out of college. You know, I did like a yearn't have two years in college and I was like man, I got to re find out what am I passionate about, and then from there I decided to go to barber scoop. That was the only thing that I really love to do. So I was cutting my head and I started cutting other people's head. was like man, this is you know, I never really thought a Barbara and that it could be a real career. You know, I'm saying, like something that you really make, you know, a lot of money off of. But I didn't get any. I didn't even get into it because of money. I just got into it because it was what I was passionate about, something I love to do, and I just was like, all right, I got you gonna have to make this work, you know. So that's that's how, that's how I got into, you know, actually cutting. I love how you say your...

...passion can make room for you, because I think a lot of time, especially with social media, people look at what everyone else has going on and they want this like microwave version of success and they're chasing the things and the money, but not chasing their passion and seeing how their passion can actually make a profit. I mean, clearly is working out for you well, because you're on Vaca right now. So not a bad life to live right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's definitely anytime you follow your passion, man, money will come, you know I mean, and you learn, so with, with your passion and your gifting, you have to also educate yourself something. Some people are just naturally gifted to do certain things, you know. So you educate yourself in that arena and be the best, the best version of that that you can man. Money will follow you. It had come. It had just come to you. When I first started doing hare, doing haircuts and stuff like that. Man, like I said, didn't get into it for the money, but then I started to realize. I'm like, man, I'm booked, like okay, I'm making this money, this amount of money. Then and I'm making this some money. They kept growing over time. Top rest, the more I would put into it, the more money I got, you know. So and I was looking through your lovely media kits, so well put together, and it mentioned that you own two shops in the DMV area. Yeah, yeah, and so you're managing that. But you also have this incredible list of celebrity clients. It's like a laundry list of people on there. A lot of people from the Gospel community like Fred Hammond, and then it spans to actors. I saw my friend Mac wild's on the list. So many people that you work with. So tell me how you manage your time between being an entrepreneur and, you know, making sure your shops are running smoothly, but then also being on set and dealing with celebs or dealing with brands. Well, I can't honestly say that, you know, it's been easy, but I do. I am appreciative to have two good teams, like you know, at each shop I have at seem a good barbers that that know how to conduct their selves so the most part, and you know how to keep things running. So I haven't manager in eat and each shop that kind of keeps things going when I'm not there. And I realize over the time and you cannot be successful without a good team. You have to have people around you that you can work, work with. You can't be out and out to yourselves. And a lot of a lot of us as independent, you know, as business owners, small business owners, man, we try to do all the work by ourselves and I had to learn how to delegate. I had to learn, I'm still learning more, you know, because I'm a very independent person man, and I don't I have a thing. If you're not going to do it as good as me and then don't don't do it, you know I mean, but I'm getting out of that and I have to learn.

You know, it's been some time, you know, just kind of making sure that I learned how to delegate and have other people help and do things. You know, I mean building a team. You know, that's how you grow. That's how everybody grows together. So when I grow, everybody that's on my team, they growing. They're growing as well. You know, I feel the same way and I can relate because I'm a type A personality and I like to have control over my stuff. Then you realize, okay, if I want to expand and if I want to grow, I have to allow capable people to come aboard. But that's the key, though. They have to be experts in their lane in order for it to work, because if not, then you can have a whole message of issues. Sure, yeah, sure, never listen, I've been there. I had a bunch of stuff happening, you know, but you know, over time people learn, or, you know, if they don't learn and they got to go exactly, you gotta got to put other people in place. So, you know, it is it could be a challenge juggling, you know, two shops, traveling and being on sets, doing different things, working with different celebrities, different things like that. But I feel like whatever your call to do, you'll have the grace to carry it out. So, you know, whatever you know, whatever it is that you you know, that's that's your laying that's what you supposed to do, you'll be able to make it happen, you know, and manage it. You know, just time, time management is big, you know, making sure that you you know, you know, just using your time wisely and all that good stuff. So, and speaking of traveling with celebrities, do you have any memorable moments on set that you could share or any challenges that you may have face, because, you know, in any work environment there are times when things may fall through the cracks a little bit or there may just be just amazing moments where you pull through in your like yes, this was phenomenal. Like, do you have any stories like that? I mean, I mean not with names that you're not scared to share. The thing about it is like, I don't I can't say because loosely, you know, work on I work on set with somebody or I like, I've did a lot of stuff like bet awards, a lot of bt events, TV one and stuff like that. Oh, I've been behind the scenes that bt awards. I know that gets crazy. Yeah, yeah, and it's a lot of like, you know, the people that they'll they'll have a call time to come in and get a cut, but they won't show up on time and then you got ten to fifteen minutes to to do they hair and you got to kill it, you know, saying and ten to fifteen. So it's a lot of pressure sometimes, but I can honestly say I mean it works out. You know, I think I'm a pretty stifferent for when I first started really doing celebrity work. Actually, I started little more with the first celebrity I work with. I was the school. Yeah, so what I started cutting the back at like doing when she had to show a haircut and like going tapers and stuff, and then her husband back up dances and different things... that, and then I started I met a lady, she's one of these extra bt so she got me in doing like the Gospel stuff. So I you know, that's how you see, I had a lot of Gospel. Yeah, I was like, look at Bobby Jones on there, he's killing it in the Gospel arena. Yeah, yeah, I was ahead barber for the Bobbie Jones show for about seven eight years. So you had to keep Bobby Jones curl and line. You know, he's got that Nice time, that slick back situation. Ye had to keep that, keep that maintained. But it's cool. It is just like how they would do that. They did how they do the show, you know, saying a lot people right before they get on going, said I gotta get them real quick, you know. So I had a lot of practice with doing that, doing quick cuts and learning how to how to make a cut look really nice and within a few minutes, you know. So it's a lot of pressure. I know one time I cut Chris Tucker Hair. That was that was an experience, man. You know Chris tug is a comedian, so he you know, he funny in particular. At the time too, I think I did the bet up fronts one time and and I had to. I was going as mustache and I think my finger touches lipt oh. He said, Hey, man, you do that, boys on you he went. He went straight Friday on you all day. He can just makes you don't touch my lip, man, notus. That real lefty he's in there holding the crippers of the Clippers grant b little concert going on. That is Larryus. I wasted the hood. All I can see in my head is Chris Tucker as smoky like man. Was Funny, man. Let me get this that out of here. That is hilarious. But I mean, you know, stuff happens and about. I think there are a lot of stylists that listen to our podcast and they may be in the salon and they're interested in working with celebrities and or working on set and they don't realize, you know, how difficult it can be and how under pressure you are and the time and time is money because, and it's not just your vision or the or like your vision in the client, but you have the director, the producers, you know, everyone is kind of like having this vision that you have to execute and in a certain time frame, and if you're moving to so they're like, what's going on in hair? What's going on to make up? What's happening in Wardrobe? So, Hey, I do want to say this. Man, a lot of and that's all my barbers and barber's. You know that a connect with me. Let's not chase trying to cut celebrities do set work. It is nice, it is a good experience. I think that yet get it under the adult, but don't neglect the people at the shop, because the people at your local shop or where you know, saying other people will be the main ones. That were the bread and butter.

Yeah, the bread and butter, because these day rates, and nothing against you know, set working all the kind of stuff, but you know, if you get your book up, you can make way more at the shop then you do on set. You know I'm saying. So at the end of the day, let's not like you know, it's cool as a good resume, build it. You say, okay, I cut this person's hair, but let's not get focus on that. I, like too many people, are focus on I just want to cust celebrities and they'll understand what goes along with that. You know I'm saying it is a lot of pressure and a lot of times breaking in. There's so many people that you know. I you hear so many stories. I used to be in PR that's my background. That works in the entertainment industry and I know a lot of celebrities love that barter situation. So sometimes breaking in, they're like not even trying to really pay because they're looking at their name more than your craft. And so you do have to be very careful. And again, it's about passion. Like if you have a passion to work within TV and film and productions and just know that it's long hours, is a lot of hurry up and wait, you know, going on. The weight is real. It's so real that like called time six am and you don't start work until now. You're like, I could have slept in right. No, we need you on set, we need to know where you are. Yeah, that's crazy, that's real. That there you you know all about it. Oh, yes, definitely know some of the INS and outs of that. But let's switch gears a bit, because you have become extremely popular for the man weaves and units, and I know it's like, I guess, somewhat of a controversial topic, even though we know about like two pays of the past and you know people using, you know, different hair pieces or hair transplants on men, but I think a lot of times it was looked at as a white thing and not necessarily a black thing. So now fast forward. Now it's like men are like look, I don't have any hair and I want some. I want to look a certain way. So give me the back story on how you even got into doing this, creating it. You know where the demand came from, and you know, we'll get into like maybe a little technique and stuff like that. Okay. Well, I there was young lady. I tell this story all the time, and it was Brittany. She's was a stylus and luck Saian at my salon and she pulled this dread hair. You know, spout hair is like loose hair. You know, she had clients that were thinning, they were losing the dress and you know, she would add the head to it. So it that's it came to me like kind of like that. Of course, like you said, I see, you know, it was popular monster white community and some black guys, older black guys sitting here on the air, you know, the two pays now looking blended it. You know, you could tell it was a truth pig. So, but I was like man, it got to be a way we could do this for guys and you know, just kind of did some tiling their stuff and front and before you know it it was...

...a thing. You know, I did a sew in on the guy and then I did another technique and just shot a lot of riling there and then throwing it on instagram. Still trying to feel my way through it, I think. You See, you know, I reached out a different styles that maybe knew how to do certain things for kind of large different things from them, and but I have to create my own lane as well, and so it just kind of just kind of did it from there, and then I started teaching other people. There were there. You know, they're people that would take this thing and try to keep it to theirselves, but I'm not thing was like man like, I want everybody else to be able to eat and make something of it as well. You know I mean. So that's why I do the classes now, and that's been that's been a succept. I was high success rate teaching you know style. It's been becoming very popular in the last couple of years and so, you know, I'm happy to see how things are evolved because before, when I first started, was very like taboo. was very like, Oh, I'm not getting that, that's gay, I ain't doing that, you know, and now a lot of the same people like, Oh, let me, let me think about it. Now, the more they want to try it out. Huh, save some years off their face a little bit. Exactly. So, when you first started, did you ask a client like hey, I want to try this on you, or did you have someone come to you like Hey, I'm I'm, I'm interested in this, or I heard about it before? No, I had I just has at a client. He actually he had an afro and I was like man, I want to do something, because he had hair all the way around, just in his crown area. was standing. Oh, he was George Jefferson out here. Yeah, yeah, it wasn't as bad as George Jefferson, though. It was just it was almost dead. But I saw that's the one I did. So in on and I put on a grammt. It just was crazy. I was like, Yo, we should pick the hair out from the ground and put on his head, like how did you do this? This is witchcraft, this is withchery, like, what is happening? You know? So it went from there and then from well, you know, social media, man, the way social media is. You Post something, it goes by her. Yeah, and then you going to have people. I was going to hit you just some offer one picture, you know, saying branding and marketings is everything. Absolutely created a lane by itself. I didn't have to do much after posting a couple of pitches, you know. So do you think that there is a double standard, or I should say do the same rules apply to women getting weaves and men getting weeds? And I say this because women, as we know, and I'm in a based in Atlanta, which is like a we've capital, women get weaves and most of the time men can look and tell pretty much tell it's a weave or a wig or something like that. There's some women that get extensions that you might not be able to tell as much, but the man is pretty much, you know, aware that it's a weed. Do you think it's protocol for men that are out here dating to let women know that it's because it's almost like the the old school hat trick where girls would say, you know, I meet a guy,...

...he have his hat on and he looks a certain way and I don't know that, you know, the ceiling is missing a little bit, and then he takes the hat off and he looks like a different person. And in this instance it's like, you know, you take the we've out, you take out your sewing and what we have labs. So our men out here, you know, low key catfishing? Or are they telling the truth? Hey, listen, no, people are I got wholes. It's funny, all right. These are the guys that have not came to me and got and got natance like they're supposed to. So they would go months without getting no maintenance and, oh no, they had the nappy. Man, we've happening. Yeah, that not only Mabbe they you know, they with their girl there. You know, they're doing anything. It Star sliding his fellow that point, I can't breathe. I can't breathe. Way, I can't breathe. That can't breathe. I can't bry. That's all I say. Bro, you have this, you come back with a vegeness. You know he ain't listening anyway. Women aren't even used to their wigs fallen off and showing the stock and cap in the corn rolls the straight back. So I don't want to. I don't even know what men must be going through during that time. I would have probably die if I didn't know. Now I think I think you should tell you should you should say something after a while. I think it's a certain time frame. That y'all. I've been dating for a couple months, you know, stople months. Way, that's a long time in this in this new era of dating, it does a long time. Too much. We go together. For Real. I didn't know your hair is not real. I was listen, this is up to the to the lady. If you know how to say hey, listen, do you are you in a unit? Is that your hair? Are Not, you know, saying. I think it's getting more popular now, sir. A Lot a lot of ladies are asking now, but not if they going to waite. And he's blending it all good and you can't tell. You know, you're not going to know unless he unless he doesn't maintain it. You're redn has it has little incident or Y'all, are you know, in Jamaica or beliefs on vacation and he tried to jump in the pool and forgets and then that hair is go in beside it. But it's pretty good with the water, though. A lot of people like Yo, you know. You know if I get in the water, but it's not necessarily. Ever, I think I got a lot of crimes that actually get it and they know how the maintenance. They so so they know, you know, saying it it's about to live, and they get in the pool, they did and it's nothing happening. Don't fall off and then, well, let's talk about let's talk about maintenance, because I believe that is very important because women, we're used to having to maintain a style once we leave the salon. We know what that's like. We got to wrap it, we got to tie it up, we got to curl it put you know, we have a process to our hair that were used to and manages to getting it cut and the most they'll do is wash their hair and go. They're not...

...really having to maintain. So what are some of the key tips to maintaining this man weave and how long does it actually last once you get it installed? What was different types I do? I do three, three to four different types and techniques. So each one has its own time time frame and life of its own. So some of them like two to four weeks, some of them are like one to two or three months, and some of them like, you know, four or five, six months. With all you saw, it depends. So it depends on which unit you get, but usually wrapping it up at night. I sell all of my clients. I sell them inhesive they would like to get, you know, to have something, because I got a lot of people that come from out of town, so they can't just always come right on the drop of the Din to come, you know, get anything six. So we also give instructions on how to maintain it and, you know, this little stuff. So they get like a we've kid. Yeah, low key, Okey, lookey. I love it. I love it. But you know what, here's the thing. I look at it like this. Women have had options for centuries when it comes to our hair, and so who am I to say what a man should choose to do or not do? I do think, though, you should probably be honest with who you're dating. I'm good, because there are, I'm sure there are a lot of women and men, if you know they like men that wouldn't that won't care. Like once they know, they'll say hey, if that makes you happy, Boo, and you look good, it'll be our little secret. You just go get your maintenance, you know, go call way and book your appointment, because we don't want to be out at the barbecue with our friends and your hair ends up on the grill. You know what I'm saying? Like that's not what we want. It is a double Standardo. Let's talk about that, because I'm like, all right, so I not, do you think? Yeah, you should show, you should tell whoever you with that you have it. You know. I mean they should know. You know. I mean I think if your relationship you shit, you kind of keep things open. And I'll be honest about I just don't agree with your time frame of two months. I'm thinking like two weeks, you know, like, all right, well, listen, this is what thing all right. So what about the girls that that that were is so so they we so nice that will know that you can't tell. I mean that's very that's very true, and I think I probably am, you know, in the minority because I wear my hair short most of the time. So people when they meet me, they're seeing my actual hair, and so if I decide to get a bob so in or get braids, they pretty much know it's a weave because they've seen my hair short. But you are very right, because there's women that I know, that I'm friends with, and I swear to you I've never seen their real hair. I have no idea what their real hair looks like. Yeah, exactly, it just might be missing. You know, it's it is a out of bamboozling happening out here. It just meant a jumping on the train with US rights. But what about this, the woman that would well, we've but don't want her man win one. You know, saying like that is a double stand that is a double standard. That is a double standard. Yeah, I mean it's an interesting it's an interesting thing and... know, it goes. I think it's about options and confidence as well, because, you know, people have cosmetic surgery that they can do to alter how they look. You have different options. So, even though it's something that's new and you know, people are still getting used to, I mean it is unfair to say that men can't have the option if they want it. You know, like you got to go with the Times in the technology. I'm just like just tell me though, like let let me know, because, yeah, we can't be in a situation where I'm having to like catch your catch your wig and hide I think. I think you have to have a backup. Like men, if you're going to wear a man weaves, you have to make sure you have a hat with you at all times, like real close by in the car, in the global compartment somewhere. So just in case you get some slippage, you can put that hat on real quick or have a like a do rag handy. Now that it got happen like that, you usually know if that's going. You know, I had to take it there because it's just you know, you know, you paying the picture for me. I love it, though. I mean, Hey, and you did have a right up in forbs. I'm correct, right, not, not Forbes. I black enterprise prive. Well, black enterprise is the Black Forbes anyway. So let's that's it. I'm just making into it. Yes, we're manifesting. We're manifesting Forbes right now. But yeah, no, you were. I'm had to write up in black enterprise and basically they said wait, the barber's out here making bank on these units. Okay, these men are coming from far and wide and and so question because you know with women sometimes they'll pick a hair texture that doesn't quite fit the texture on their head. Are there are their circumstances? When someone comes in there, you know, with Jerome Hair, and he's want Ricos suave hair, you're like, so you want to do the the soft curl today. Is that where we're going here with this? Yeah, yeah, so I always shouted. I saw already shut a point to people in the right direction. Keep the texture that matches your text. You never saying so, don't, don't. You know if you got the Kinky, you know count look, don't, don't go with the Rico. You know right, don't, don't. Don't go for the Bruno Mars. You know doing that. I've done as you making me look at it all, and that's the point. It needs to look natural and believable so that if someone looks at you, they have no idea. And I've actually seen some in person. I've seen some that looks very natural and real and I was like, Oh, okay, and then I've seen others. Yeah, I was like, Um, yeah, so your bang is slicked down in the front. It's...

...a situation. Something's happening. Or if you show up the next day and you have somehow, you have a man Bun and braids and I'm like, where did this hair go? You just out of he had a eather cut yesterday, right, he wanted to be he wanted some coachella hair. Oh my go all right, do you think get your coachella braids? Not Me. I mean it's all in fun. But I'm glad that you are providing this service and you have expanded your repertoire because that just creates more income for you. And do you have other staff at your shops that are trained in this technique as where there? It's more and more that are learning now, other guys the shop that is that a train and other people around in the world. Now that you know that it's taking my class that I refer people to as well. So once people take my class, then they're eligible for me to be to be on my referral list. So I have a like a good four hundred people that's sitting on a this waiting to be referred to. People. Oh that's amazing, man, it's so it's growing and it's been. It's been awesome that. But you know, people, you know, this is a thing man like. People really are so conscious about the head, you know, you know. So it's really been able to change lives and man, that's that's why I keeps me going and keeps me too. It's a ground hard like this, because I'm not only you know, of course, everybody look at the money, but I'm really impacting laws. You know, like right self conscious, you know before people, you know, guys in the all. Now I'm just go go ball. But her. Yeah, some people that really don't want to go body. Don't feel like it looked good. Everybody doesn't fit the key ball look. Yeah, you know. And it's actors and there's people that get different roles for having hairs. Well, who, I wish you could tell me the actors that had a manueve. I would be. I know you can't tell me that, but I wish. I'd be like who I thought he was? Um, see, let me find out. I thought he was growing that. But I know for roles, they definitely create hair for the good and bad. I would say the worst hair that I ever saw created, I could say this Jibar more and what was it? Diary of a mad black woman with those corn rolls. I said low, I had mercy those things. was just look like the wind was going to come and take that braided wig away. I said, Lord Jesus, but shot out the Tyler Perry, you know, but that was who. That was some crazy hair. Yeah, yeah, that was I peep that dream. So when speaking of bad man units. We have to talk about Quran Butler, because this unit is it's a struggle unit. So what do you think about that? Yeah, obviously I've seen. I've seen corn Butler said that it's got a crazy actually a lot of people have been tagging me in this post. Hopefully one of my students didn't do that, Cuz you get a Jame. They can't be...

...out here claiming wade the barber on that. Look, man, now you should have grew his house some more, sleeking out a better blame, because he just popped up with it. I'm saying, it is like. So there is a process to this. So people have to know they can't just show up cleanly shaving, thinking they're going to get ahead of hair. They need to actually let the hair grow some so that it can blend that money. I thought women had an awkward stage when we grow our hair out, but that's got to be a real aquarith stage. Yeah, you got to go to work with that, George Jefferson, like I'll be. I'll be straight in two weeks. Don't hate a player. I'll be back. Some people, some of you, would it do is especially we got a job didn't wear a hat and just way to happen. It's like you've going your hair and it's like the big reveal. So won't look as draft right, right. Yeah, you got to be able to like work your way up, because I'm assuming men, once they start the prod well, the initial process, they might be a little nervous and unsure, but then once they get comfortable with it, it's like any other thing. You start wanting to experiment with different looks and styles and you're like who, but then it's like, let's not jump too far. Are Girls. You'd be looking like seefs and reces on and living color. I'm aking myself. You know, you can't got it. You gotta be careful. You you're out here giving all kinds of looks. So both that was a fun I love that conversation, but it to wrap up, we have to talk about your book, the success the Success Factor, twelve keys to help you win in life, and just give us, you know a bit about what the book is about, what inspired you to write it, because you don't really see a lot of barbers becoming authors. So that's a new a new lane. All right, so I got kill with the book because I love. You have been asking, you know, how did I get to where I am? You know, how how did you become seciful, successful as a barber and and all that or whatever. We being on HBO, being on ESPN, be on different things that happening, Rachel Ray, you know everything that's been happening lately. And I, you know, I'm like, okay, I'm telling my story. I keep telling having these he's one off conversations, but I'm like, man, I think that everybody needs to know about you know, about well, everybody thinks about wealth as he being just money, but wealth is a state of mine as well, you know. You know, and just even talking about how to discover what your purposes a lot of us are wandering trying to figure out what our purposes in life, you know, and we feel like, you know, sometimes you feel like we missed it and feel like we waited to too gold to do certain things, and I follow our dreams and different things like that. But I talked about the you know, purpose to talk about character, integrity, talk about budgeting in the book, very important. Talk about yeah, most definitely a lot of us, especially in this industry, man, because we make it one day and the candle any I'll make it whatever. Now we don't spend. We lift from some week the week you don't have anything in investments of saving and just having something... show for it. We always trying to flass, trying to, you know, keep up with with the Joneses, the latest fashions and trying to put buck car, but we got no house, don't have really things that, you know, saying that's going to have to bring a return. So I'm like man, like you know, I just wanted to put everything into a book and kind of just kind of just spread some knowledge and just encourage people. Also, people see me and they look all that that Du you know, he ain't been through nothing like he just got it. Got It all the he doing this day and it's in that. But I don't know, I had to go through a lot to get to where I'm met. You know, I went through depression, I went through a broken marriage, divoice and losing friends and you know, I'm saying a lot of different things that broke me. I would at my lowest point and like and I had to really experience some things so I can I can appreciate where I'm at now and just to let let people know, like there's hope, there's there's you know, yeah, you may went through something, but that doesn't define you. You can have victory on the other side of that and you can go to the next level. A lot of time here the our darkness moments all right before the bring this greatest one, so our love. So you know, you just got to know that and keep pushing, keeps driving. So that's why I did the books. I love that. I'm all about an inspirational read. Please tell our listeners where they can purchase the book. Okay, so you can. You can grab it on way the barbercom or wait, Menenda'scom. I have it one there. It's also available on Amazon and Barson Nobles. Well, and for all you guys that want to proper man we or just to cut like how do they get in touch with you, know, your shops and with you? I know you're probably like so booked and busy. That is like no appointments available. But well, up to your team. We still have a way of doing other appointments. So they can still go to way the BARBERCOM or they can go to the hey unit networkcom. WHO THE HAIR unit network? Come on network, yes, yes, let them know that they can get this done properly. Okay, definitely. What's definitely? So we have a system and how we book everything. You don't have to come to me, but I can send you to one of my guys, so we can always work it out. Just you, but you all my information is on Wa, the BARBERCOM, and there's also a linked to the hey unit network on my on my face. Perfect. And one last question. How long does it typically take for that process? I know you had said you that there's three or four different methods that you use, but what is it the typical time that a person would be sitting in the chair to get something like that done? Using tasting but anywhere from an hour or two hours each service. Oh, it's not bad average. Yeah, averages. Use it by the hour and have man come out in an hour or two and it's like new me. We lit out here, okay, but no. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. It's when glad that you took the time while you're on vacation and hope that you enjoy the rest of it and come safely back to the US.

And yes, and for everyone listening, please follow Wade on ig at Wade, the barber and yes, book, get those coins. Appreciate, appreciate, no problem. Will talk soon. Thank you all for tuning in. That I think was my best comedic performance ever for a podcast. I mean, I can't get over the man units. Number One. Here's my rules for the man units. You got to tell your partner you cannot hide the man unit for two months and then let it slip off in a situation and because it's not going to be a good outcome like at all, the woman's going to definitely be giving you the side eye. So please let people know about the unit. I have some exciting news coming up with the cut life. Will be back at essence festival in July with my black is beautiful. I'm being premature and saying it, but I got the call today and this is will be our thirty year working with them, so I'm really excited. I will also be overseas for three weeks in the UK and South Africa with originals by Africa's best. So end of May to mid June I will be out of the country traveling and taking the Cutlife International, so I'm really excited about that. Working on new products, we have a lot of exciting things going on. Of course, the PODCAST. You can find us on Itunes, Google play, soundcloud. Make sure that you're commenting, writing US sharing the podcast with everyone. As always, you can go to live the cut lifecom for new content and Stylis. Please make sure you go to the cut life directorycom because we are offering free listings for the entire year. So for two thousand and nineteen you can get a free listing in our directory. You do have to apply and be approved to be listed, but it's free promotion. We get DMS and emails daily from people looking for Stylis in their cities. So they need you and they want you. We're eventually looking at turning this into a booking APP, so you want to get in on this early. The cut life Directorycom. And if you're someone that's looking for a stylist that is highly recommended from the cut life, because everyone thinks we're a salon stylus and we're not. Go to the cut life directory, Search Your City and book those appointments. And until next time, I'm out.

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