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Episode 19 · 4 months ago

Ep. 19 - Can Your Partner Change Their Hairstyle Without Discussion


We are back from our pandemic break. Tahira Joy and Big Med discuss if your partner can change their haristyle without discussing it. Also we try our new Cut it or Keep it segment. Just a preview of what we will be discussing in this weekly podcast that drops every Friday. 

Hey everyone, I am so excited that we are finally, finally, after much, much toilet back and forth, we are finally back with new episodes of the Cutlife podcast. And for those of you who are joining us for the first time, I am to hear a joy. Founder of the cut life you may know us from social media. You know, we got like one point five million followers on Instagram, a hundred thousand on facebook and a bunch of youtube subscribers as well, over a hundred and fifty thousand. So hopefully you know you have heard about us if you're into styling and short hair. If not, you will definitely learn all you need to know by listening to the cut life podcast. You can expect some amazing special guests and expert questions that are going to be asked and answered, and so much more hot topics. We're going to get into it, but before we get our show started today, I definitely want to update you on some things that we have going on with the cut life first of all, I have been on the grind. You See, I don't have my short hair rocking right now. I've got my core rows and my set it off braise because I'm about to set it off in two thousand and twenty two with some new programs and new projects just for the cutlife audience. First off, we have the Cutlife University, which is our education platform. It's for professional Stylus, cosmetology students, Alan Owners, beauty brand founders and more to get all of the resources that you need to take your brand to the next level. And we are actually officially launching on Sunday, February thirteen. But if you're listening to this episode and you just happen to hear my voice right now, you can hit the link in the Bayou at the Cutlife instagram and hit the cutlife university or simply go to the Cutlife universitycom and choose to join our membership right then and there. So you're getting an exclusive if you were smart enough to hit the link in the bio and listen to this podcast, then you get first dibs on signing up for the cutlife university. And besides that, we're rebranding the CUTLIFECOM we've got new content coming across the board March. Everything I'm just excited. Okay, so now that we are here, I have to say what's up to my boy big MED, producer of the Cutlife podcast. We are here, you are we are here. We're finally here. It's been two years. It's kids so long. Looking at our old episodes, I'm like, two years ago, three years ago, Jesus, we got to do better. So we are going to do better. We're not only giving you a podcast once a month, we're hitting this thing weekly. So you guys, get ready for what we have going on. And it's also crazy because this is our first time doing it virtually. I mean, obviously everyone's lost two years because of the pandemic, so I'm gonna blame this on the pandemic. But we used to record in studio together. Now we're virtual. I'm sure we'll be in the same location again in the future, but for now we can't cause this. We have to keep this party going. So we're here telling that absolutely is good to be back be talking about short hair. Let's do it, talk about everything, and the thing is, you know the cut like it's a lifestyle. So we're not going to germinate. If you don't have short hair, you can still listen, you can still get in on the conversation. It's all things black beauty style. You know all of that good stuff. So I have the short of stay. We get right into some like juicy this. We do it in a hot topic on the cut life platform across the board, I think, honestly, since we got started in two thousand and thirteen and I thought this would be a great question...

...for us to discuss, because Valentine's Day is right around the corner, or Galantines Day for those that celebrate the girl friends getting together. The guys don't do guy in times day. Clearly we don't do that. I was good. I was the galantines. That okay. It's the whole school thing for the single girls to get together the day before Valentine's Day. Not a problem. Never heard of it. Like you know, I'm married, so you know. See, that's what the show is for. You know what I'm saying to this. You know, keep educated on the things that's happened. Let me know. Let me though. Yes, so the question is, if you are going to make a drastic change to your look and we can maybe stick keep it in the hair realm, do you think that you need to consult your partner before you do it? And that could be for men and women. So for women the obvious is if you cut your hair or change the color or do some drastic change. And for a guy, maybe you met the guy with locks and he decides he wants to cut it off or he had a beard and, besides, he wants to just be a bald baby face. Do you have to consult your partner? Do you ask your partner what they think and if they don't agree with what you want, do you not do it, or do you do it? What is your what's your response to this married man? Yeah, so this all depends on your significant other. Are there somebody that changes their styles on a regular basis, so you just used to, or is it somebody who has had a certain kind of look for an extended period of time and it's like, I'm usue you looking like this. You know I don't need a drastic change. So if you've had a look for extended amount of time, yes, we need to be a conversation. If I decided, you know what, I'm a shave my beard, my Gotim to go straight baby face, first of all, my wife would have stopped me. She there's no way she's doing it's like, you know, you say I'm a grown man, I'm no, no, she would not allow me to do such a thing. Hundred percent beer gang. Oh No, it's this. Just you know, you can't trust a man with no beard. I don't. But you get trust a man that wears a fitted hat because if you don't, never take it off. You don't know what's under there. You don't know it's under there. Now you know, because you know we hiding things. We're hiding extra foreheads under their wagon were riding. You know, you know excessive baldness. Were hiding a lot of stuff under the under fitted at. But the thing is that's not my man kept on stage. He did a you know, the thing where you know what he would like, no beard and no gote and right. I don't like it and I don't like that for myself, but would never want to do that. I haven't seen my upper lip since nine. Don't need to see that. Yeah, that maybe face it. It does. It doesn't necessarily work unless you're used to it. And I like your earlier point about like if a person meets you in the dating phase and they're used to you constantly changing your look, then it's not so much of a surprise for you to leave the house with corn rows and come back with a platinum Pixie. They might say, Oh wow, you change your look, but they're not necessarily going to be super shocked about it, which that's the kind of guy I need, because I know I will change my hair on impulse just because I had us a lot appointment and I sit in the chair and I decide today I want to cut it all off, and he's trying to be fine with that and hopefully he'll know in the dating process that right. So here he is going to change her look and we're cool. But I do understand and I get it. You know, your partner is like your best friend and all that sort of thing, and you want them to be attracted to you. So I can understand why you would want their opinion. But then here's the other thing. Right sometimes, when it comes to women changing their look and men saying no, I like you like this, it's almost like introducing someone to like a cuisine or some type of... that's not on their normal Palette. They think they're going to hate it until they try it. So sometimes it could be a thing where you think you're not going to like this, but then maybe my confidence boost and maybe my swag and the way I'm carrying myself because of this new look might make it attractive to you. You're just not used to that. So I think you can go both ways. The only thing I don't agree with is control and anything that's like you cannot do this or that. Like. You can definitely express your opinion, but it should never be a place of controlling a person. The coolest thing about being with a black woman is that even if she decided to say, I'm going to chop my hair off, guess what, there's wigs, there's Weeves, it's all sort of ways to give you whatever look down here. We can't help. How long? No, not not at all. And then in you, who knows, because you know, hey, when I lost my hair, you know, I wanted to grow from my throwback and it didn't come back. The thing is that you are at least of the population of men that understands, when it's time to go ball, that you should just do it, because what we cannot stand, and this is coming from a woman, I will speak for the majority of women, we don't want to see what your hairline is going through and you missing hair here, here and here. We're okay with you going ball, and I mean not everyone feels like they have the head for it, but I think nine times out of ten, especially if you're able to grow something down here, you can pull it off. And Nine Times of the ten you're going to prop your your look better with the bald head than holding on for dear life. And I'm thinking, like you know, if I'm going to go out and I'm to shave my head, and now, of course, you know, I have my cod sac, you know, every once in a while when I'm, you know, around the house, but you know, when you when we go out the wife, make sure that you know, you know, get rid of the cold, the sack. And yes, ma'am, and for those that you know, those men that are determined to hold onto it, they should check out a previous episode on the podcast with Wade, the barber who does the male hair units. Yes, they don't. They want to get the tea on, you know, because they say if we can wear lace front wigs and weaves and all of that, then they should have the option to where their weave as well. But, as the podcast episode says, you got to make sure as a man, that you know you're you're not in certain situations where you're sweating and that hair starts or the Beijing. You start it just because, because the thing is that women know that sometimes men don't know. Outside of just them going to get their hair cut, is that STU maintaining a style? It's maintenance. HMM. So you have that Beijing, you have that that hair unit, that hair piece. There's maintenance involved and men are always into the maintenance that it requires, and so you don't want that unit on your head to be shifting. I'm scared all that. I ain't doing that. Then the day you always look foolish. I just think you always look fool as when you have excess of Beijing, like if you have the the people that you know, just touch it up a little bit, that's that's that's okay, but when you have people you know basically drawing your beard and drawing your hairline in it, you look silly and you got it. You know, you have any bit of sweat or any bit of nervousness and then that thing starts like running away from you. I would be nervous all the time. I'll be. I couldn't do it. I can now. Would like wipe my hand wanting it and it comes off, you know, or the fibers when you wipe the fibers and the fibers are moving around your head. I don't know. No, no, no, yeah, I mean, I mean, I know there's an art to it and shout out to the barber's who are skilled in this art, and I'm sure there is maintenance required that process as well. At the end of the day, you know, do you? And if a person loves you, then that they'll work with you through those changes and y'all be all right. As as speaking of, you...

...know, people cutting it, we got a little I have a little game that I want to play. We've never played a game on the podcast. No, we have not. What Game Are we introducing? We are introducing keep it or cut it, and this is going to be a game where I'm going to share images or even just talk, because you know, you guys are listening. So sometimes on the Youtube we might share images or I'll share names of celebrities who have gotten recent like new looks. Many of them will probably be like new extreme haircuts, and we're going to vote on whether are not that celebrities should keep that look or cut it, and cut it, not as an actually cut it, but cut it out, like get rid of it. You know, I'm extra so I have images to share. Come on, just give my thoughts on keep it or cut it. We'll see if big MED chimes in, because, you know, men be men, you know. We'll see. We'll see what happened. Maybe again and we start with. I'M gonna say why I'm but keep it or cut it, and some of them I might say both, because and I have my reasons. But here we go. So first up and burrows. Huh, this is so weedie. Oh okay, okay, and it's funny that you said Ambrose because when we posted a photo of Sweetie, she recently got a bus cut. It was cut by celebrity hairstylist candle Dorsey, and a lot of people in the comments commented Ambrose. But no, it is sweetie. So well, can see that. Yeah, yeah, you know, we can see that. Anyway. Uh Huh. I'm gonna say this. I think the initial buzz cut that she got because of how she styled it, and it was right before the new year, so she was like wearing, you know, festive outfits like that gown she has on in that photo and it was just so striking with the buzz cut, the platinum and she's a gorgeous girl, so she can really carry any look. So I would start off by saying keep it at that stage. But as I look at her instagram and her kind of letting it grow out, she kind of died it pink and you could tell she was trying to figure out how to like slick it down as it's growing and the slick down wasn't sloking down in a way that I wanted to slick down. So it made me say cut it in that stage. Yeah, so I think that if she's trying to grow it back, then we can go to our previous point of maybe wigging and weaving it until it grows to a link that she can do some more styling to it. Got To got to get at the bus cut, lolol. Like this phase. Keep it. You know, I'm just surprised. It's getting not every woman can pull that off. Not everyone can pull the buzz cut. You know, looks, you know. You know head shape is important and when it comes to a woman and you know the whole look it's important for you know. It's just tough, it really is. Tough and when one of those things where I when I saw amber rose with long hair, I was like who no, yeah, it's almost like the long hair on amber rose kind of took away a bit of the essence that we were attracted to write because it was so striking with short hair and the long hair kind of just made her look like every other pretty girl versions. Maybe, oh, she's stunning, but there's something interesting about her, and I think that's what I do love about that buzz cut is that it gave seweedie like something really interesting. But I feel that she's a beautiful girl that can really rock any hairstyle. And Yeah, she is young, in her twenties, having fun. So do you saw? I say keep it at the lowlow stage, but cut it at the grow out. Maybe you know, and I think she's playing with wiggs again, because that girls stage, we all know, the gross stage, is funky. And I don't say this you know. You know I don't judge women and their looks. You know,... know in public and but you can see. You can tell if you going to keep it a cut it. You don't have to add elaborate like I did, but you can say would you keep it a cutting? Would you keep it a cutting? which it keep? That's to keep. You did that's that actually fits her head. So I'm away. All right, all, all women are beautiful in their own way. I love the disclaimer. I'm keeping this safe from keeping. It is true. It's true, it's true. We, I mean we, of course, we agree. We're all for women. Okay. So next up we have the beautiful, absolutely studying, ageless Wonder Gabrielle Union. I love her. Then this, that's amazing. Huh, he's a damn near fifty and G G or issue. You know, she almost fifty in October of this year. Oh, she's about to turn fifty. Yeah, Ross have the same birthday, eight October, twenty eight. There, Scorpios, I think it's the twenty eight, twenty nine, yeah, yeah, just, yeah, she's pulling off fifty really good. Yes, no, so she's gorgeous. So I will have to start by saying that. But that particular style, this particular style, ill, that what they call that? This is like a big job, all big job. Got It. Did a big job and I get the point of it. I just wasn't too fond of the styling and I love her style is Larry Sims. Don't get me wrong, I think he does amazing work. I just personally prefer when she does bigger natural styles like she's done, like natural curly, like ponytails she's done, like blown out looks, like I mean she'll, I mean she kills a ponytail seriously and we all know she's stunningly gorgeous. So even like her straighter looks are, you know, always classic. But I love when she does natural hair. I just love when her natural hair is a bit more style for me and honestly, I feel like with this particular look I wouldn't have even minded her going maybe shorter. I feel like she did the big chop and was like okay, let's stop right there, and I feel like if she did it maybe a little shorter, it might have come off a bit more sleek for me. Okay, but stunning. And I can't take away from her face. I mean she can serve anything and her and Sweety, your cousin's fun right. Yeah, Hey, I barely know who sweetie is. I mean I know who she is by barely not know who she is. I don't back on Sweetie name. Okay, yeah, no, so one of them rising it girls, you know. But she's cousins with the it girl that has been the it girl for some decades now and Miss Gabrielle, so I'm always put respect on her name. I love her. She has an amazing product line, flawless by Gabrielle Union, that she co owns with Larry Sims, who is her hair stylist. So I mean they're always amazing and I love her. I just if I had to, I have to vote because it's my game. I can't not vote. I just would cut that particular style. But I think her with natural hair when she serves those big looks and ponytails and stuff or everything. So there you go. Oh, please shout out to marry Sims. Go ahead. I forgot what episode he is, but he is. We did interview him. He is on the pot. It's only eighteen episodes up there, so I can girl to find it. Yeah, you would find it easily. Yeah, you will find him. He's a he's good episode. He Larry is fun because he used to be a background dancer for Mess Elliott. Fun Facts. That's right. That's right, and you did talk to him about that. Is it's true. And for Gabby. I actually say keep because her face works with works. Worried the shape of her head. Yeah, I mean it's hard to I had to cut someone on the show. I mean I had no I diet him saying she serves face. So it's like she could literally walk outside. What a do rag on and I'm a stage Gabrie. Beautiful, absolutely, absolutely, who geat. I have my favorite looks on the girls. I...

...loved it girls, and I have my favorite looks, like Tracy Ellis Ross. It's forever going to be big curls for me. On her it's going to be my face, absolutely, as she could pull off many looks, but it's those big, fluffy, just voluminous Diana Ross curls that I'm always going to love. Yep. So last my legs, we have the funny and Fabulous Tiffany Hannish, and I feel like she was the most dramatic transformation because you know, she had dark hair, you know very classic styles. She might give you a love Bob or something, but this was like when she first cut it off and did the big chopping dot it platinum and she was doing it natural and then she kind of hit us with a little grow out face with this Pixie and I say keep it, keep it keeping. I know when she films she can't always do this look because platinum. So she's gonna have to probably wike it up and do anything. But on your girl. I know you know, you broke up a comment and everything. So you know, when you in them streets trying to get you another boo, I think this is the look for you. Boo like keep. Well, shoot, I'm trying to make sure you. I'll see, but yet keep this, please keep it. The platinum. Got The platinum look. Got The little tinker bell. Is that a the Pixie cut, if you if you will, and yeah, she was what she was low cut. She bolted her head out when yes, which chopping. That was very interesting. But it shouts out to my boy rady. He's hair for kicks on instagram. He is responsible for the tiffany habits's transformation and she looks. She looks Ny and honorable mention. I don't have a picture of her, but I just have to shout out storm read. My Boy Greg Gilmore in La cut her hair into the blond pixie that she's rocking. And for those that are into euphoria, you know she plays in days a little sister on the Shof, but her as little sister in her in real life is two different people. Honey and real life she is serving looks. She is giving y'all, grown woman, you know tea's. So check out storm read on instagram. You can see her platinum. It's like a it's like a sandy blonde, not platinum, like a sandy blond Pixie by my friend Greg Gilmore in La so yes, so that's keep it her cutting. Will probably do shorter versions of this, like when we play the game, because bad don't be wanting to play. I did a little bit. I get it. He doesn't. Everybody respect him for that. People for everybody respect on it. But when we have other guests on the show, especially hairstylist, I can't wait for hairstyles to wait there because they're going to give like specifics on everything. Absolutely that's a great in her styles that we have books. I might do keep it or cut it on looks that they've all done. Oh, they got to judge their own looks and say what they have kept that or would they not do that again on that client? Tell on yourself. That's going to be fun. It's definitely yeah, I'm excited. So yes, I'm saying keep it. I'm just keep on saying keep it for everybody, though. You know, I'm just, you know, unless it's something I'm gonna you know what. Now my goal is to find some ridiculous images that I know mad is going to be like, this is horrible and he's going to have to say cutting because he's not going to say keep it to everyone the probably now, but to find some real bad or you know there or they're ready. Don't get it's all in fun and we're only talking about hairstyles. Most celebrities don't even keep a hair style longer than a couple days. So this is just like moments in time. Everyone that we feature there absolutely beautiful and amazing and they could slay me on anywhere at carpet. So you listen. It's just all and fun. Yea for it's yes, yes, yes, so, yeah, we're just doing like a little quick kind of...

...welcome back episode. Yes, again, we do have new a guest, special guests coming on. Everyone in this into the beauty world, especially the black beauty world, from celebrity hairstylist to Slon stylist to actual celebrities themselves. We're going to get into all their beauty business and I can't wait to share everything that we have coming up a mint. We release episodes every Friday, so make sure you check the cutlfe. Social media is the cut life everywhere. You tune into social media and last Friday of the month we will do our you sube live shows, so make sure you add that serial calendar. You don't want to miss that at all. And check back with the cut life universitycom. I gave Y'all an exclusive so membership is open. If you're hearing this message, the membership is open and you can get in. Trust me, you don't want to miss it. I'm I can't even tell y'all all the benefits. The benefits are there the cut life universitycom. Get into it. Hope you all enjoyed this little sneak peek into what we have in store for you in two thousand and twenty two. That's all, folks.

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