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Ep. 3 Tym Wallace


We talk to celebrity stylist on how his faith got him into the industry, whats it like having Taraji P. Henson as his number 1 client. And how do stylists really feel when they see their client on Instagram using someone else?

Welcome to the cut life podcast. I am your host to hear, a joy, founder of the cut life and we have this podcast to bring you the interviews with your favorite celebrity stylists in the game, and I have one that is one of my absolute faces because he's just amazing and always killing it. Mr Tim Wallace, how are thank you, I'm doing great. How about your self? I'm doing well. I'm excited to talk to you. I feel like we're best easy via social media, all right, right, but we still haven't had a chance to have like a proper in person hug. So we will have to get that soon enough. Yes, we will, but I'm glad to have you on the show and I have to first congratulate you. You are people's look of the week. I just saw that. You know I'm stalking your Graham. I'm like, wait a minute, thank you. And this is a look that you did with Taraji p Henson, which looks amazing. It looks like kind of like a shorter Bob Look. I love it. Thank you so much. Thank you. How does it feel when things like this come across, because you have such a busy life? You're always traveling, you're always preparing for, whether it's movies, red carpets, events, and when this happens in the middle of your day, how does that make you feel? Um, it really makes me feel grateful and, you know, it encourages me to keep going, because sometimes this world could be, and I say this world, I'm talking about the beauty industry, it can be overwhelming and it's just like, okay, you must be doing something right, so keep, just keep at it. You're doing so many things right. I mean you had Cardi be giving all sorts of grace and elegance for New York Fashion Week. Thank you. Definitely a departure for her everyday style. I try to bring, you know, my element to or my esthetic rival to everybody that I touch. So effort, listen, I'm just soft. She cares. Its kind of what I go for and it definitely translate, because translates because I feel that you're styling technique. I just think of like Jackie on Nassas and Felici your shot and like just like regal icons, and you make it modern day and how I love that. I appreciate that so much. You really don't know what that just did from thank you. Oh well, you know we're here to celebrate. This is what this platform is for, because I know a lot of times, you know, people don't necessarily know all of my story, but I started behind the scenes and as a publicist, so I know what it takes behind the scenes to get things done, for people to show up looking fabulous, to be able to do their jobs. There's tons of other jobs behind that. And just with this platform, we really wanted to create the space for stylist to be celebrated, because you deserve it, like your name should be called when they're calling for awards at the Oscars and the grammys and the Emmy's, because you are image crafters. You're making these artists and actors believable to the public and making them, you know, next level, basically. So we have to celebrate, really appreciate and you know, I love. I love what you're doing, definitely as a as a woman of color, and hairstyle effect tatters to women of colors. You know, the platform for us isn't as great as it is for our counterpart. Sorry, I appreciate... know what you're doing and I'm all here for it. Thank you. If we can be the vogue of short hair we are doing something right. We love that's part. We love it. So we talked about some recent things that you had going on and even the work that you did with the proud Mary movie. We have something in common. We both worked with cream of nature on that campaign, in different aspects. Of course, you were the lead stylist and doing I've saw you hosting amazing events and giving tips on the looks that you create it for the film and then, in turn, they selected beauty influencers to create content based on the film. So I did a whole proud Mary makeover using cream of nature products. It was a lot of good. Thank you. And so tell me about, you know, that balance between working as a celebrity stylist and then also working with bran partners. It takes it takes a good team to be able to balance both of those things. I need to take being a balance person. I find myself to be a really balanced person, or at least I try to be, because you don't ever want to get too sucked up into anything that you're doing, one that you lose who you are. And with the busy schedule and, you know, trying to be a creative and actually do the creative side of things and and be a brand and build yourself and work with different companies. It can be a lot. So you have to balance that life out. You know, when it's time to be a creative I am in that mode, and when it's time to partner and be a brand and and be, you know, the face for someone else's, we're in I have to be in that model. So I have a really good chain that kind of keeps me, you know, keeping the ground and they're like okay, so I'm like we got to get the dinner. I'm like Shit, okay, let's do it, and just doing the work. If the work is just that's the fun part about it. But this is a business to absolutely you have to, you know, set yourself up as a business and think long term. So, you know, being a celebrity hairstyle, this is an amazing opportunity that I feel like God has blessed me with, but I also understand that there's a greater purpose, you know, outside of that. So I have to be able to navigate through it. So when it's time to just be in a creative space, that's what I am. I'm always going to create space, but there's times what I you need to just fall back and be, you know, a business man absolutely, with brands. That's what you're got to be. You got to be a business person absolutely, and know how to navigate both worlds is essential, and a lot of that has to do with the foundation of your career. And so let's take it back. You know, we've talked about people in New York Fashion Week and all these amazing things, but let's talk about the start and how tell us the story about how you broke into this industry in the first place. So also, I am a very faithful person, very don't say spiritually, even though I am a PK I and the church, but my love for are literally came for God, from God, because I did not see myself be in Aristytic, a lawyer, wow, be a choreographerly, people don't really know that. So, but my parents kind of encourage me to go to here because always intrigued by I had a plan of growing up chil growing up his mom hair out of the house. I grew up on the south side of the skin game. Clients Come, you know, and at this one particular client and her entire domain and changed while she got finished with getting her... done and then just blew my mom part to I'm seen years later the difference that I, you know, have when I get out the barbitrary right. I'm like, Oh, yeah, it has a very big effect on you know, your felt the beauty college in Chicago alone. Wow, throughout the course I made sure I took the course twice. So it took me a year, seven months, to completely ter still, because I want to make you talk about you intentionally took each course twice. That is such a key, Maggie. Oh my gosh, that's such a key negative information, because I'm still considered a millennial, but I'm the on the older end of millennials, but I I feel like a lot of the younger ones don't realize the importance of hard work and, you know, paying your news and in turning and all of that, and to not necessary. I'm like, I'm more so doing he assisting now? Or assist or I'm on Orlando Peter his his team for fashion week, but by the girls of God, he was just like no, I'm gonna put you in the mix. Wow, without having that. But did I pay my dudes? Absolutely. I moved to saily from Chicago about nine years ago and I started working with Michael Vick's wife, Kiafa, which then refer me to, and for me I was like the to build portfolio. And you know, in New York I started doing tuches with amazing photographers and I was assisting the team for fashion week, so that I will consider that assistant job, but I was an assistant for a team for fashion week. Then I started working with the love of hip hop entity. Yeah, so from that, from I did the season three and four of New York. I did, I think five seasons of Atlanta reunions. Oh my goodness, I know they had to be a lot going on back way at Union. I did when that whole fiasso happened with Josh Lyne and Stevie and they literally attacted. Oh, when they went nuts on everybody. Yes, that's when I was like, okay, I can no longer do didn't Timmy's hid ponytail get pulled that day or something? Her Pony felt pulled. The whole building was like lockdown after that for a minute. I mean I was just like this is, you know, no shade to love hiphop at all, but I'm like this is just not the direction your element. So I was like, you know, it pay literally paid it too, though, because from me working love and Hiphop, which shout out to Tocowa Hash, which is the gram coordinator from for love of Hiphop and she is also a part of my team, but at that time she was my agent. The technically AHC, I was able to build a relationship with one of the former members of the show, Olivia, which was a friend of Brandy Norwood. Oh Wow, and brandy came to Philly. I was that's the only persons got start, start over, only celebrity start struck over. I could get me to long that voice. This is like huge fan of hers, like the only person, when I tell you, the only person I've ever been star struck over. Wow, she came to I just want to the reader. Ended up being her hair done and I end up doing..., and that's what took things to the next level. So does she post a picture of her hair intact? You Really? The very first night I did her, she loved her and she posted to her instagram mentionally, and that's what everything and I have been working for her everything thing. Wow, that is great. It goes. Everything has just been literally word amount. I thought we were all. God is my agent. I love it. I love it, but let's not mistake that you have actual agents on this earth as well, because I talked to a couple to get this interview book that said they better look at him over here, booked and busy. I'm just trying to get in where I fit in on his schedule. I love it. No, absolutely anytime to me. I got to know, I appreciate you know what you're doing and shedding light to to you know, as the caress. I love yes, and let's talk about as a stylist, how you are obviously responsible for the images, maintaining the images of the clients that you work with, but then I've noticed that you also are very conscious of your own image and just, you know, working out, because I'm sure you have to keep up with the stamina to keep up with the travel schedule and all of that. And then I saw was like, oh, hold on, Tim just popped up on my timeline with some blond and his hair and these new glasses pop it. I'm like, what is going on over here? Tim is about to host a show or something. Something is really I think so, because I I had been long before and of course, as we you know. We know blond is very difficult to keep up right and definitely have a short hair so I'm the one that I don't want to see any roots and I don't like to see yellow at all. All right, right, and my hair grows really fast, so I was sometimes loosing my hair quite a week, wow, twice a week, yes, because the end of you get any bit of fun, it's going to get yellow, and I can imagine, obviously, like I hate yellow, I hate the yellow tone, I hate any breath and tone in my hair. So I was trying my out. I had to give it a break. Yeah, but he became such a part of my look that I was just cringing every day I saw myself with dark hair. So I literally went back to blind last Thursday. I was like I can't do it anymore. Yeah, I saw that. I was like okay, because I wasn't familiar with the blond the first go around, but I saw it as something new recently, which obviously you said you've been doing it before, but I think that it speaks volumes to you know, having your own signature images. Well, that can kind of help people. I identify you because there are so many stylists out here, but absolutely, you know, you're identified by your work, obviously, but also by your professionalism and all of those things that go along with it. So how about because we have, you know, every day women that follow us, but we do have a ton of stylist that follow us that maybe work in the salon and they're like, you know what, I want to work with celebrities, I want to do hair for movies and all of that stuff. What are some maybe simple to not even as steadily simple tips, but some tips that you would give some people that are aspiring to be where you are right now? Always tell people research. We search anything, you do, anything you want to get into, research it before you get into it, because you'll end up getting into something and you'll figure out later that this isn't what you expected it to be or anticipated it to be, or you just may realize it it's not what you want to do right and this industry physically, I feel like so many people.

Definitely, with social media being such a and it gooence and I, and I say this all the time, I am not a social media hair stylist and right, no disregard to anybody that is or the ones that came up, you know, in that are. But when I was coming up to the game, I knew all the top artists before I even and you know, got to do. I love that. Researching the key hair stylence. There were already doing celebrities, right. I pattern my career after the Ostri James, the Orlando Peter and Polo Guido and family night and Chire better run those names. Yes, pay for me, and we just had tire right on our podcast and that arslis Steven kicked it off. Yes, look up to you know, and I admire them because they have set the town, they set the blueprint and the one before them. You know, you have to give honorwares do. If it wasn't for them, I was here right. Absolutely, you know, God is the source, so that's number one. And but he uses people to be resources and they were resourced for how to make it in this business or just, you know, how to patter myself. But I would say because of social media being such a big influence down people think it's just the goods and Glam glamorous life, and I'm like, no, it's not. It's a lot of our work. Even though you love what you do, you can still know what you're doing, still put in a lot of work right, a lot of care on your body. You know, I struggle with way for so long, you know, and three years ago when I had guest or please the future, which helped me lose a hundred and twenty eight PAS. Oh Wow, congratulations. Thank you. I have to do it on my own in terms of, you know, doing the footwork, for it was something able the second song. But trying to maintain eating right and working out when you're working twenty hour day, that's a lot. Yeah, it's not for the week, the week at if you are not cut out for you will not stand a chance. But because so many people feel like this is a life, the life is like, they tend to not realize that or don't get to see that. Right. How you have to sacrifice? How you have to sacrifice personal time, so much time with family, miss important things, everything. Yes, you know, you just that's not if any of our research research study this. To know what you're doing, your stuff, to you before you die. Absolutely, and I would say, even if you do think that you are this amazing hair stylist, if you want to break into another area of the industry. You have to understand that there will be times where you'll have to humble yourself and how you talk earlier about assisting and being of service, and that's one of the best ways to break in to any arena is be of service, be of value to people, being an asset and when you get those opportunities except exceed expectations so that they don't want to continue to hire you. I think that is so important. So let's go to a fun question. When you're working with celebrities, has there ever been a time where you just creatively they wanted to try something with their hair or do something for like an event, appearance or what have you, and you just knew that...

...this particular look was just not going to work and you had to just kind of give them the listen, let's try this. I haven't heard any issues where I didn't stand by or didn't believe and what was being produced okay, and I find the client. You know, all the time the energy has to be great between us because if not, then I'm not inspired. Right, if I'm not inspired by WHO I'm working with or you know what I'm doing, then your you won't get my best work. Not only that you hire me for my expertise exactly to do my job. Now I do get you know, you do like what you like. Can you do dislike what you like, but allow me to do my job. That way you can get the best results. I've had any issues like that. Well, that's good to here. That's great and I think that speaks to the energy that you put out there as well and, honestly, you know, I would say one of your muses. I'm just going to put it out there, Mister Raji p Henson. You are able to take her in so many directions with her hair, from the natural big child with the texture curls to sleek wavy bobs to, you know, she's I mean it just goes on and on and on, like long looks with the middle part. I love that. And you know, there's so many things that you're able to do with her, not only as a character in, you know, the parts that she plays, but also just, you know, everyday life and appearances and things like that. And tell us about that experience. I'm sure it's a lot of fun, you know, working with her, because she seems to be fearless in trying new things with her hair. She is, and that stands back to me being inspired. Yeah, when I'm inspired and you trust my creativity, you get the best best of me. She what I love about how most is that she she trusts the people in their gifts. I love this, is what I you know, this is jog your expertise, and she allows you to be be a creative. She literally is like she's faith, she's our lifestyle. Bored. I love it. And she's consistent with the team, to which, which is something that I know this to pray for. Yes, absolutely right. Pray from a loyalty, long gravity with these clients, and that's where God absolutely I went through, you know, not necessarily chasten the girls, but I went through Mars, you know, getting a call from this one for us a span for three months or six months and Xyz and I went through a downward time where I was almost gave up. I almost like I can't do this some more right like, because social media plays are very big influence on you as well. You looking like well, why I didn't get this car? Or definitely, when you are a true creative, you become very sensitive to your art. Right. So, you know, if I would see a client out at another event and I've just spent the last three or six months with you and I'm sending you with someone else. It makes me question me. I always wonder that because creator I always wondered that about celebrities, because you might see them with a consistent person and you're like that person does their hair, but then there may be another moment or season or reason that they may work with someone else for certain things, and I've always wondered what the energy was like between those stylists, because I know sometimes it could be a scheduling issue and hey, this dialist has other clients. The scheduling issue when you see, when you see the track with that, that's like you've been seeing me with Roger for the past year and have yes, if you know, if you see her with someone else's hypothectly fill the Te Tims, fill the team. It would,... would necessarily in this situation, would be a schedule in conflict. Okay, got it. that. You know, for me, I'm lawyer to WHO's loyal to me. Right, I'm lawyer. I'm loyal, but you know she's my privates, my number one clients, so that's the one that gets top priority and I noticed from you that I haven't I see another stylist as well, but I can tell that you do have that strong relationship, that's who of you, because I noticed that your work isn't just placed in one arena, like you're working with her for editorial, for television, for red carpet, and so it's very clear that you are her go to. But I know there are other circumstances with other celebrities and other stylists or I don't know if they have an la person or a New York person or they have someone sometimes the red carpet and someone who's you know, and that's what I had to mind. I have to mine that you like what you like and you have to go with you know, who you feel some, some stylens want a different a different effect, and each or some clients rather want, you know, a different effect and they go to who they fill the can deliver the job right. But you're going on record to say Taraji is my clients and unless there and less I am sick and shut in, I will be there yourself. Thank you very much, because I love Thee I love it. I love it. I mean that's that's real, because I think people just don't. They don't realize the INS and outs and you know, the collaboration. But you would hope that stylists, even if they do sometimes work on the same clients, that they still have a positive rapport with each other. But I'm sure there are sodve antics here and there. Bob, probably okay, good, because I know, I know, I know my guilt and I don't know where it's time from. Yes, yes, you know, I can't do what you do. Can't do what I do. Hashtag blessed and who bothered? Blessed and I'm bothered. Be Great and still know. That's the problem now in the world. Definitely what people of Color right is that we don't know how to be okay, it's security, it is who are and what you got. It is if you are hopefully looking all come together and support each other, because I feel that we are in this amazing moment of just black excellence. Times. Let's what kind of right, what kind of forever? So it's like, if you are not taking advantage of this opportunity to better yourself into better, you know, the people that are in your community, then you are losing right now, because the opportunities are open. There the world's eyes are on us, honestly, when they are seeing always have been that. Yes, true, because they steal our corn rows and they still I thank you. Ever, you know all of our swag, every we are the culture, we are the people. We have been flu with the world. Yes, absolutely, Old Tim, I absolutely adore you. I love this tea spilling. So we're going to have to obviously have you come back and talk some more and do some more things with the quick life. I'll be in at La April. Nineteen Fish. Oh Perfect, oh awesome. So we're hanging out? We are. Yeah, we're doing to happen to time. Absolutely, we have to, and everyone who is listening, you can follow Tim on Instagram. It's tym Wallace Wa lace hair. So Tim Wallace Hair on instagram where obviously always posting hashtag tossed by Tim. We can't forget that. Hopefully I get to sit in the toss by Tim Chair one day and get me a cute...

...little, you know, situation popping. Yes, I love it, but we will definitely continue to support you and everything that you're doing. Thank you so much for joining us, and this is just you know, see you later. No goodbyes. We'll see US okay from you black? Definitely talking to thank you, Tim. Thank you for having me, no problem. By Bye, bye.

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